Prototype Machine Shop

WIPCO offers superior machining services to numerous demanding industries, complying with their stringent regulations and quality standards. Part of our process is CNC rapid prototyping, which is crucial in the design and development stage since it ensures the product, part, or component is up to standard before mass production begins. Our fully-equipped prototype machine shop allows us to deliver higher quality outcomes that will drive success to your projects.

Capabilities of Our Prototype Machine Shop

We specialize in CNC rapid prototyping, a procedure where a part is created based on a digital design and produced by cutting material with high-precision tools. It’s a vital step that enables our engineers to find out what’s working or not for further modifications and improvements. In general, prototypes are essential to test and validate a product’s functionality, fit, and form before committing to mass production.

More of its benefits include:

  • Early discovery of design problems
  • Estimation of production costs, material requirements, and manufacturing time
  • Identify room for improvements
  • Receive feedback from customers
  • Establish the final design and function

Through prototyping, problems are prevented, leading to significant savings and reduced waste caused by future changes. Since potential issues are determined early on, making changes is much cheaper and quicker.

Why Choose CNC for Rapid Prototyping?

Prototyping can be achieved through different manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing and injection molding. However, due to its fast fabrication capabilities, CNC machining is the ideal method for creating top-quality parts.

More reasons why CNC machining is the preferred method for rapid prototyping:

  • Fast and reliable: CNC machining is the quickest way of accomplishing complex shapes with its speedy set-up and processing time.
  • No fixed tooling: Unlike injection molding, which requires rigid mold and dies, CNC only uses the hardened metal cutting inserts attached to the spindles. It eliminates tooling cost and time, making it a more cost-effective option.
  • Wide range of materials: CNC machining can work with various materials, including metals and plastics.
  • Accurate: The incredible accuracy delivered by CNC machining surpasses any manufacturing method due to its ability to achieve tight tolerances that can be performed repeatedly without compromising quality.
  • Easy to modify: A simple altering of the lines in the G-code program allows our engineers to test several iterations while assessing its results immediately.

Applications of CNC Rapid Prototyping

Our prototype machine shop uses advanced CNC machines to produce prototypes for many industries and their unique applications/projects. Some use cases of CNC rapid prototyping in varying sectors include:

  • Aerospace: Landing gear ports, bushings, and airfoils.
  • Military and defense: Weapon components, vehicles, communication, and transportation equipment.
  • Automotive: Engine components, intake manifolds, and brackets.

Let WIPCO Fulfill Your Rapid Prototyping Needs Through CNC Machining

WIPCO is a leader in CNC machining, and our prototype machine shop has the machine and tools needed to cater to your CNC rapid prototyping needs. We combine advanced technology with skilled engineers to provide high-quality prototypes that meet your specifications.

Learn more about our services by contacting us today. You can also request a quote so we can kickstart your project immediately!