What is Precision Machining?

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Precision machining is a method of production that enables machinists to create detailed parts at incredibly tight tolerances. WIPCO has been producing precision-machined parts from some of the world’s most challenging materials, including super alloys, for two decades. Our expert machinists work closely with our customers to produce components crafted to the unique specifications of […]

CNC Machining Guide

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If your company needs precision machined parts, computer numerical control (CNC) machining services offer one of the most efficient means to get them. CNC technology provides cost-effective and accurate results on parts ranging from simple to highly complex. This guide will outline how CNC machining works, the different machining processes available, and examples of CNC […]

The CNC Machining Process

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Established in 2000, Worldwide Instrument Parts Company (WIPCO) is a specialty manufacturer of precision machined parts. Throughout the years, our establishment has developed within the oil & gas industry along with many other sectors, fine-tuning the way we machine materials to meet specifications no matter how simple or complex. With our CNC machining capabilities, we’re […]